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High tech PR lets companies go where the customer is - physically, mentally, strategically, and financially. An educational news article on the benefits of a certain supply chain solution lets the customer become knowledgeable on their own noninvasive terms. By giving them access to data when they need it, rather than forcing it on them when they don’t, the marketer earns more trust in the company and a proven influence on the “intent to purchase” metric. And more marketers are turning to firms specializing in high tech PR firms to reach key audiences…

It’s not easy to reach a business buyer- they have the least time, their careers are at stake, and they do not appreciate interruptions. High tech PR pros recognize that PR is the polite way to invite them in to learn, grow their business, and establish relationships of lasting value. Business customers do their homework, scrutinize, read reviews, ask peers, and test value propositions and, as such, high tech PR pros need to quite knowledgeable and experienced.

C-level executives continue to focus on the marketing ROI because it’s standard practice for them to focus on improving returns to their shareholders. Smart companies weigh options and continue to watch and fund what’s working. What worked well in the dot-com boom is likely to be ineffective for companies wanting to succeed in a more modest, strategically focused market and that’s where a high tech PR professional comes in.

As we all know, public relations, particularly High tech PR, is far more than writing and pitching press releases. High tech PR can build trusted relationships, educate, and win credibility. In high tech PR, a tiered media approach is strategically matched to the customer’s ability and authority to buy as traditional marketing and advertising techniques alone no longer work. And engendering trust is a strategic imperative for every business in the business of having customers, but particularly in high tech, where the average transaction is higher and the sales cycle longer.

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High Tech PR Revitalized

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High Tech PR Revitalized

This article was published on 2011/12/19